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DUX 8008

DUX 8008 continental bed is our most advanced and exclusive bed. It has twice as many springs as a regular bed, and more customisation options than any other. DUX’s double-spring system, with ­thousands of dynamically interlinked springs, ­offers exceptional spring depth. Depending on the size, the bed features up to six Pascal cartridges ­divided according to the body’s three comfort zones – shoulders, hips, and legs. Each zone can be adjusted to be soft, medium, firm, or extra firm. DUX 8008 also features an adjustable lumbar ­support system for each side of the bed. With the twist of a dial, you can visibly set the level between medium and firm.


  • DUX Pascal system – easy adjustment of comfort zones from soft to extra firm.
  • Adjustable lumbar support.
  • Continental mattress with natural latex, cotton batting, and two layers of 12 cm springs.
  • Number of springs in 90 x 200 cm: 1,956.
  • Leather details.
  • Replaceable top on the upper side of the bed.
  • Mattress height: 44 cm.
  • Recommended leg height: 8 cm, 12 cm, 16 cm.
  • Velcro fastening for bed skirt.
  • DUX 8008 in widths of 140 cm and above are always supplied with two bases.





Width Length
80 cm 200 cm, 210 cm, 220 cm
90 cm 200 cm, 210 cm, 220 cm
105 cm 200 cm, 210 cm, 220 cm

120 cm

200 cm, 210 cm, 220 cm
140 cm 200 cm, 210 cm, 220 cm
160 cm  200 cm, 210 cm, 220 cm 
180 cm 200 cm, 210 cm, 220 cm
210 cm 200 cm, 210 cm, 220 cm



The foundation of every DUX bed is a spring system that is unparalleled in the bedding industry - unparalleled in support, flexibility and resilience. Designed for ultra high performance, our system requires over one mile of specially milled, high tensile steel wire to construct. The final product consists of up to 4,180 interconnected springs whose combined support helps to provide maximum pressure relief to every part of the body. Read More >>


DUX is more than just a bed. It’s a vehicle for wellbeing. The DUX Bed is about deep sleep. That’s the only time when your body can repair, rebuild and restore itself. Not when you’re asleep — but when you’re in deep sleep. Whether you suffer from back pain or spend restless nights trying to get comfortable, DUX High Performance Sleep Systems let you experience the rest and relief you need. We believe the DUX Bed is the best bed ever made. And after you’ve spent time on our site, we encourage you to visit one of our stores so you can experience our products for yourself. Read More >>


We have received the Oeko Tex 100 stamp of approval. This certificate means that the DUX Bed meets strict human-ecological requirements by being completely free of any unhealthy or harmful substances. In the DUX Bed you can be sure you are sleeping on a bed that is toxin-free.


Also, because of its resilient spring construction and its replaceable and changeable component design, the DUX Bed may possibly be the best quality mattress you’ll ever own.


By choosing the DUX Bed you are making an environmentally responsible choice. Read More >>



Researchers at The Karolinska Institute – the prestigious medical university that awards the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine – performed a study investigating the effect different types of mattresses had on the body and sleep quality. Their results showed that those who slept on a DUX bed not only fall asleep faster, but remained in deep sleep longer - approximately one hour more each night.  


* BRL, 1985, 1989 (Bed Research Laboratory, Associate Professor Evert Knutsson, Associate Professor Sven Engdahl)

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