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DUX Dynamic combines the best that a ­traditional DUX bed has to offer, with the added advantage of adjustability. Choose the ­position yourself with a simple press of a button on the handheld controller. DUX Dynamic is operated by a reliable low-voltage motor. Three layers of springs guarantee a great night’s sleep. The top layer is based on our Pascal system that moulds to your three body zones: Shoulders, hips, and legs.


  • DUX Pascal system – easy adjustment of comfort zones from soft to extra firm.
  • Adjustable bed with natural latex, cotton batting, and two layers of 12 cm springs.
  • Handheld control with illuminated soft-touch buttons.
  • Number of springs in 90 x 200 cm: 2,020.
  • Leather details.
  • Bed height: 59 cm including legs.
  • Legs (12 cm) with wheels, two of which are lockable.
  • Only straight headboards on this model



Width Length
90 cm 200 cm / 210 cm
105 cm 200 cm / 210 cm
120 cm 200 cm 210 cm


Swedish Steel Continuous Coil Spring Design

The foundation of every DUX bed is a spring system that is unparalleled in the bedding industry - unparalleled in support, flexibility and resilience. Designed for ultra high performance, our system requires over one mile of specially milled, high tensile steel wire to construct. The final product consists of up to 4,180 interconnected springs whose combined support helps to provide maximum pressure relief to every part of the body.


Pascal®: Our Customizable Cassette System

Our patented Pascal Cassette System sets DUX apart from every other bed on the market.  Comprised of interchangeable cassettes of different spring tensions, our Pascal System lets you custom configure its parts to match the exact requirements of your individual body size and weight - and to change them when you change.


The DUX Bed line-up